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Your Voice Demo Gets you Work, But only if You're Good Enough to Record it

Recording your voice over demo is probably the most exciting process you'll ever go through when first starting out. Second only to getting your first gig. During this excitement, we can make some really intrepid decisions if we don't take a moment to sit back, and truly think about what were getting into.

One thing you should know - we're not in the voice over demo business. We're in the voice over training business and we happen to produce demos for our students. We have never, and will never take somebody of the street and make a demo for them. We only provide voice over demos for people who are ready. Which means you must be trained.

No training, no demo... At least not from us. There are plenty of people out there willing to make demos for people who don't know what they're doing. We don't intend to ever be like them. It's good for the spirit. That being said...

When you begin to compile the costs of recording, printing, duplication, distribution, and any other various expenses, the figure can and does get quite high. Take this example based on 100 CD demo copies for instance:

These are fee's other studios are charging.

Total: Around 3 thousand dollars. Not every studio will charge these prices. Some will charge more, some less. These rates were complied from rates various studios have charged us in the past for graphic design, duplication work, printing costs and shipping.

There can be some big variations in these charges from place to place. Many voice over talent avoid extra charges by doing some of the work themselves. They print their own labels, do their own duplication, wrap their own CD's. This will save a lot of money in the long run, but here are some of the downfalls:

Paper labels will come off CD's with time, no matter how good they are. Self-labeled CD's tend to not look anywhere near as good as printed CD's and smack somewhat of "Novice". Self duplicated CD's if done incorrectly, might not play in some CD players. It would be a shame to go through all the trouble to get a demo into the hands of a producer to have it not play when they get it. Though this is rare, it does happen. To make a long story short, nothing can compare with a professional print and duplication job when it comes to your demo... Period.

It also depends on what market you are pursuing. If you want to work in the high paying, highly skilled Union market, you absolutely must have the best looking, best sounding product available. If you intend on working in the notoriously low paying non-union market, then you may not even need more than a few copies of your demo, and printing won't really matter. There are some very well paying non-union jobs, and some well paid non-union talent, but the entry level of the non-union market grossly under pays.

The reality of it, is that if you are going to get into voice overs, and you truly desire to work at the pinnacle of this business, you will eventually have to join the union. The biggest voices out there are all union members, and if you want to be one of them, you are going to have to have a good product... Period. However, don't be in any rush to join the union before you have the experience and the chops to compete with other union talent. What you have to realize is that joining the union when you're very new to the business and adhering the their "No Contract, No Work" policy will leave you with empty cupboards.

By joining, you are throwing your hat in the ring with some of the biggest names in the business and only lessening your odds of getting hired. Union producers have to pay the same money to you as they do and experienced talent, so why would thy spend it on you if someone with 20 years more experience is in line in front of you? So you should strive to put your best foot forward, as far forward as your budget will allow you, get your experience together and learn the ropes in the non-union work place before you consider stepping into the ring with the heavyweights.

If you stick with voice over long enough and actually get good to a point where national level producers take an interest in you, the union stuff will become inevitable and will work itself out. Just know that joining the union will not, I repeat, will not increase your chances of landing any work as a brand new talent in the industry. However, as an experienced talent seeking higher quality jobs in the national spotlight, your membership will become very necessary (at least at the time of this writing).
That being said, our demo production services are as follows:

Our Voice Over Demo Production Services are flat rate. The demo will be recorded in 3 to 6 sessions. Each session will be scheduled on a different day, to pick up a broader range of vocal characteristics. Post production on demo-only service is usually one to two weeks.

Master only Service: costs 800.00 dollars and includes:

As much studio time, coaching and direction as it takes to get the job done; however, it is highly recommended that you not pursue the production of a demo without being ready. I have seen students go through as much as 6 months to a year or more of steady coaching before ever attempting to compile a reel.

Once again... We do not produce demos for untrained talent. If you are fresh off the street with no formal voice over training and think you need a demo reel, we ask that you look elsewhere for the production of it. Or, sign up for coaching with our studio. Just know that we are not in the business of launching unprepared talent into the market. We wish others out there shared the same philosophy.

If you have been approached by someone, or told by anyone (no matter who they are, who they represent, or how much experience they or anyone else says they have in the business) that after two days of training or a weekend seminar you are ready for a demo reel and the voice over business, you have been lied to. Don't believe it? Call and we'll explain it to you. Even the biggest names in this business can't do it for you.

You will get two edits of your demo. A full length (normal time: 2:30 - 2:45 minutes) and a demo short (1:00 to 1:15 minutes)

For more information about our demo services, or any other question, feel free to contact us by clicking the contact button anywhere in this site.





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