Can Voice Actors Work From Home?

You can definitely work from home as a voice actor, all you need is your own little studio or  other necessary equipment to start working from your own comfort zone. Voice-over acting is evolving and there are  lots of agencies, businesses and recruiters willing to accommodate voice talent. You don’t need to be a famous actor to get a voice-over acting job and you don’t even need to go to an office or studio to get the job done when you can do so right from the comfort of your home.

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Corporate videos, audiobook, e-learning and documentaries are all areas of voice-over acting that you can undertake from the comfort of your home. There are online platform that advertise voice-over acting jobs and you can browse through these jobs to find one suitable to you.

Voice-over acting has evolved over the years, and is no longer all about one predominant male voice announcing or narrating, or just about radio drama. Now companies, agencies or advertisers are in great need of voice talent that can help them connect with their customers. Once you have the necessary equipment and talent needed you can start getting jobs right from home. Voice-over acting is no longer just about radio dramas or documentary, it encompasses much more which gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent, without even leaving the comfort of your home. There are online voice casting websites like voice bunny or voice123, online platforms like Upwork and Flexjobs where you can audition and find voice-over jobs right from home.

Lots of people are already making money doing voice-over jobs from the comfort of their home, yes! You don’t need to go to an actual studio to get the job done. Voice-over acting has to do with narrating an audiobook, announcing commercials, narrating documentaries or projecting a character through your voice in an animation, video game or radio drama. In voice-over acting you simply give life to a script or represent an idea using your voice. Voice-over acting no longer  necessarily require a studio to get it done. Technological advancement has made it easier to do voice-over jobs right from home.

What Equipment Do You Need As A Voice-over Actor Working From Home?

You may not need a studio to start working from home, however you need some equipment to start your voice-over acting job. There are necessary equipment you need to have as a voice-over actor and they include: Microphone (and a Mic stand if yours does not have), headphone and software. These items should be okay to get you started on the right track, but you may need to invest in getting more equipment as time goes on.

Once you are ready to start your voice-over acting jobs from home, you can try platforms like Upwork, Fiverr,, Voice bunny, Voice Crafters, Snap recordings, Voice 123 and Filmless. Here, you can browse through and find variety of voice-over jobs till find one to your liking. You may need to sign up and provide some necessary information to start rendering voice-over services on some platforms. Some other websites hire voice-over actors who work from home. There are incredible number of jobs available online for voice-over actors and you can start working comfortably from home.

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There are many ways to get voice-over jobs without having to go to the studio or to an office. So, if you have a great voice, just get the necessary equipment you need to start working from home. There’s no excuse now, check out the online platforms for voice-over acting, sign up and make your dream come true. Working from home is a dream come true for many, so what are you waiting for to start your voice-over acting career.

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