Do Voice-Over Actors Need Agents

Voice-over acting has become much more than what it used to be ten years ago, it is now a career path which everyone is eager to venture into. Gone are those days voice-over acting was just for radio drama or advertisement, in this digital time,  voice-over acting has become very important especially in areas like e-learning, audiobook, advertising, and corporate trade. This article is sponsored by Fence Staining, Plano, Texas.

Voice-over acting is gradually becoming a growing need and has gained recognition as a true performing art. with lots of people seeking voice talents and lots of people venturing into it this is definitely the time to join the voice talent industry.

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So, if you are about to venture into voice-over acting there might be questions going through your mind like how do I start? How do I get my first voice-over job and Do I need an agent as a voice-over actor? It is perfectly normal to have these questions running through your mind at the start of your career.

A voice-over agent is a representative that advises you on areas concerning your voice talent and advertises you to prospective clients. So, you might be wondering if you need an agent or not. Well, it depends on the kind of voice-over acting you are venturing into, so you may need a voice-over agent or you may not need one.

Voice-over agents act as part mangers and part marketers, they help to manage your talent as well as market your talent to prospective clients.

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While some voice-over actors get jobs through self-marketing, others do so through agents who may be casting agents, casting directors or voice-banks. These agents help to sell your talent to directors or other agents. They create a link between you and the directors, they help you submit your voice talent for auditioning and casting. Voice-over agents simply help to market you to the right people.

Voice-over talent agents can help you reach your goal, they act as mediators between voice talents and clients. They represent you and project your talents to directors & other agencies. Therefore, getting a voice-over agent is rather necessary to take your voice-over talent to higher places. Getting a voice-over agent can be the difference between being a small-time voice-over artist and making it real big. However, this does not mean that you cannot reach your goal without an agent. Getting an agent does not also guarantee that you will land voice-over acting jobs, however since agents are connected with studios & directors they can be your best bet to land your next voice-over acting job. There are also online platforms for voice-over artist and you can start from there to showcase your talent right from home.

If you cannot self-market your talent then it is important you find an agent to help you do so. If you are in need of an agent it’s important you do some research to find the agents that you can work with. You need to highlight your goals & objectives and ensure your agents can help you achieve them. So, once you find an agent you can work with it is important to keep a cordial relationship with him and work together to reach your goals. Always act professionally and do as many auditions as they can get you. Voice talent agents are very valuable in commercial voice acting, so you definitely need them if you want to venture into that. Agents help to market your talent to directors and get you that voice-over acting job you need. There are also online agents that can help to market your talent to the right people. Voice-over agents act as mediators between you and directors and can be the necessary bridge you need to cross to get your acting to the next level.

However, voice-over agents are not really necessary when you are venturing into voice-over acting for audiobooks, corporate videos, e-learning or video games. Here, marketing your talent is up to you. Nevertheless, you can still find agents to help you search for platforms in need of voice talents. Voice-over acting is evolving into a lucrative career path, with almost everyone venturing into it and an agent can be just what you need to hit it big. However, if you market yourself you can also get jobs, so don’t just sit around waiting for an agent when you can get yourself out there.

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