What is voice-over work?

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Voice-over is a production technique also called “off-stage commentary” in which a voice that is not part of the storyline is used in TV production, filmmaking, theatre, radio or other types of media. The voice-over is read from a script and may perhaps be articulated by someone who performs somewhere else in the production or by a specialist voice talent (voice actor).  

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How To Get Into Voice-Over Work

Voice Over Actiung

Voice acting is actually a very promising career, especially considering the great variety of possible clients and gigs, the flexible work hours, and the ability to work from a remote location. Besides, it’s sort of glamorous to hear your own voice on TV or films.  It’s true that it is not for everyone since it is kind of a big thing to have a smooth, attractive voice on the job, but if you count on this asset, then you are already in a good way to become a great voice actor/actress.  

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How to become a voice actor

Voice recording and voice acting


Reading things out loud is always a good method since it is something you will do a whole lot in this new career that you’re starting. It doesn’t really matter what you read, let it be books, magazines, or news articles as long as you do read them out loud on a regular basis to get more comfortable with the whole thing. Remember that reading out loud is not as easy as it sounds and it actually requires a lot of energy, along with the proper breathing from your part, in order to perform it correctly. Try to practice this at least 30 minutes a day, all the while paying close attention to your tone and diction. If you feel like it, try changing the sound of your voice as you read for a greater challenge. 

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