How to become a voice actor


Reading things out loud is always a good method since it is something you will do a whole lot in this new career that you’re starting. It doesn’t really matter what you read, let it be books, magazines, or news articles as long as you do read them out loud on a regular basis to get more comfortable with the whole thing. Remember that reading out loud is not as easy as it sounds and it actually requires a lot of energy, along with the proper breathing from your part, in order to perform it correctly. Try to practice this at least 30 minutes a day, all the while paying close attention to your tone and diction. If you feel like it, try changing the sound of your voice as you read for a greater challenge. 

Record your voice 

Recording your own voice is an essential part of your formation and later your entire life as a voice actor. Play it to yourself and make personal notes and corrections for your own improvement. As well, the way that we hear ourselves whenever we speak is not the same way that we sound like in a recording, so get used to the sound of your voice on the microphone and then the speaker so your voice on both turns more melodic the more you practice. 

Recording your voice.

Take acting classes or find yourself an acting coach 

I’ve said this a lot, but it is something important to make emphasize on this part. Yes, it’s true that many voice actors start themselves as self-taught, but you do need more than that to impulse yourself forward in your abilities. And also, even when you won’t be appearing on screen, your acting skills are something you will use. The job has the word “actor” in it for a reason.  And you will need to practice harder than most screen actors do because all of your emotions must be displayed only through your voice.  

Take voice lessons 

Like I was saying, you’ll need to put all of your emotions on your voice alone, and make sure said voice sounds understandable and pleasant to the listener. Besides, voice lessons will teach to hold a better command over the volume and the sound of your voice. You may need to try many voice teachers to find the one that better fits you.  

Voice Lessons

Market yourself 

Creating a demo reel is always the first step when looking for a job. Give it all you got, make of it your best sample! It can be of an original work of yours or imitations of already-existing characters and/or scripts, as long as it is you the one that’s performing and you’re showing all of your talents.  

While you’re at that, build a resume, too. It is necessary for all jobs and voice acting is not the exception. If you still don’t count on much work experience during your beginnings, try to gain as much experience as you can to build up your resume. This includes the acting classes that I was talking about, or simply getting involved in the community theater.

Don’t give up 

Overall, remember that you can’t achieve success from one day to the other. That’s a romantic plot trope that people are getting sick about these days. You will face a lot of challenges and rejections during your first tries, you most probably won’t get your big opportunity up until you’re close to giving up, but the opportunity will get to you. If and only if you maintain yourself persistent and confident in your abilities. Good luck!