Voice Over Training Classes, Coaching, and Demo Production for Voice Talent

Online and In-Studio Training Classes Day and Night

We have a new lesson structure here at the studio. Listen to the podcast to find out more about the changes:

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Before we ever take a voice over training student for coaching, they go through an evaluation. We offer Live, one-on-one evaluations.
To learn more about the evaluation process you can read more here.

The voice over business is not for everyone and it is by no means a "get rich quick" type of pursuit. It takes years of practice, hard work and rejection and there are no guarantees that even if you are good and have had voice over training or coaching, you will get hired. We don't make such promises and you would be best advised to avoid anyone who does.
One thing we can guarantee you: If you attempt to move forward in this business without the proper know-how and training you will end up broke, bitter, disappointed and will most likely never find any meaningful work.

During your evaluation we look at talent, desire, potential and ability to read comprehensively. We discuss the ins and outs of training and how long we think it will take for the talent to get to a point where they are ready to cut a demo. We discuss the business and how money is made doing voice overs. We also discuss where we think you will fit in; whether it be commercials, narration or strictly industrial work.

You can schedule a voice over evaluation here

In-Studio Voice Over Training Classes for performance, digital editing and studio design.

We offer One-on-One In-Studio Classes Day and Night

In-Studio training classes for voice over are the most traditional method of learning the craft. Face to face training sessions in a studio with a coach can go a long way toward preparing voice talent for live performances, auditions and rehearsal of voice over.

The big difference between In-Studio coaching and online voice over training is the face to face experience. When the talent is right there in the studio with the coach, expression, inflection and tone translate so much easier than they do online. They become easier to read and spot, but that doesn't make them any easier to master. Usually the face to face experience is tempered a little by the nervousness brought on by reading in front of a coach. So there is the trade-off; what you gain in one-on-one learning as far as expression is concerned, can sometimes be swallowed up by stage fright for a while. Most often it goes away.

The other nice part about the In-Studio training experience is the ability to learn all of the equipment. We have a full studio equipped with every little voice over toy you might want. Want to know something about ISDN as it applies to voice over? We have it. Need to learn how to open up audio editing software and begin recording? We have it. Have an urge to learn about music libraries and sound effects for production and voice over demos? We have all of that too! The point I'd like to make is that when you want to learn what really goes on behind the scenes in voice over, there are many things you can learn by studying in an environment where you're surrounded by it.

My coaching methods have changed a little over the years to try to accommodate technological changes and keep up with the demands of an ever changing client base and marketing mediums. The Voice Over Coach now offers a full range of support services such as inexpensive web hosting and design, graphics, audio and video encoding service, voice over databases and talent directories where talent can link to their web pages and host their demos. Along with my traditional coaching methods and performance training there are a lot of other technical topics which we cover here, in-depth, in a way we don't see them offered anywhere else.

If you're local to the studio and would like to schedule in-studio coaching or training session, or sign up for one of our training classes for digital editing and production, just give us a call or contact us using the following form.

Online Voice Over Training:

After years of trying to refine the online training program so it was as effective as in studio training, we now offer live 1 on 1 voice over coaching to global clients via the internet. We resisted offering the service until we were confident the structure of the lessons was effective and that it best served the client. What we didn't want was another one of the many internet correspondence classes that only serve as a means to make aspiring talent spend money.

I looked at all of the online classes, courses and programs available and what I continued to see was program after program that left out one very vital component of the learning process: A real live coach.

All of them offer to send you copy and critique your performance, but they offer to do it through the mail, email or on the phone. I have seen prices up to $2500 for 16 lessons. $1995 for two days coaching and a demo tape. Prices that not only far out way the training you will receive, in my opinion and experience, the programs also leave you ill prepared for what the world of voice work is really like. I never wanted to offer a program like one of these for two very fundamental reasons:
#1. I stake my living and business on my reputation.
#2. They don't work.

You cannot self teach this business. You can't just wake up one day, get some stuff in the mail and sit down and become a voice talent. It doesn't work that way. You need someone there guiding you, critiquing you and watching your every move. One other thing, you need that someone to be there when you are going through the steps. No amount of waiting for the mail, or talking to someone over the phone is going to get you to a point where major market companies are going to hire you for your voice.

Those were the chief concerns that kept me from offering correspondence voice over coaching. I didn't want to offer a product that wasn't going to work. I didn't want to offer a product that amounted to highway robbery. And I really didn't want to offer something to young aspiring talent (who are usually pretty vulnerable and apt to make snap decisions when just getting started) that seemed more geared toward ridding them of their savings than it did giving them good, solid, core information. That is why it took so long for me to offer this service. I wanted it to be right. I wanted it to be of value. I wanted it to be an unquestionably honest service. And I think I have hit that nail on the head. Now we wait no longer. The service is finally here and it is unlike any other available on the Internet. Here's how it works:

The first thing you should know is that learning this craft over the internet is a very demanding and challenging way of doing it. When students are in-studio there are certain nuances of the craft that are much easier to ascertain when sitting face to face with a voice over coach.

From a distance and over the internet, those nuances have to be expressed more overtly and in greater number in order for students to grab onto them and completely understand them. This reality dictates a fair amount of challenge for the coach as well as the student. It is not an insurmountable barrier to training, but it does require a skilled coach and a bright student in order to work.

This is one reason to not take internet training lightly, and yet another reason not to take internet lessons from everyone who claims to offer them. You must be able to test the waters before you ever pay anyone for a class, hence our voice over evaluations. They serve as your opportunity to evaluate us just as much as they do for us to evaluate you.

During your online voice over coaching sessions, you have a direct connection to the studio and to a live voice over coach on the other end who can answer questions, give direction and make suggestions as things happen. One of the exclusive benefits of online voice over coaching that in some way makes up for the additional challenges of learning voice over online, is that you get continuous, consistent feedback on your studio sound and audio production skills. No student will be allowed to constantly submit sub-par audio for their voice over classes without constantly hearing about it from The Voice Over Coach (he doesn't like it very much).

With every online training session the student is given suggestions and guidance on how to improve their sound quality along with all of the other coaching elements. Audio quality will be continually addressed until the student begins to deliver broadcast quality audio for their voice over lessons. We lean on it pretty heavily because of the importance of it. We consider it somewhat derelict that anyone would continually pass a voice over student without first making sure their audio was up to standard.

As you might understand, with in studio students we don't really have an opportunity to review their audio on a weekly basis, so this benefit seems to be more for online voice over students.

Due to the nature of the program (file transfers, upload and download times, software glitches) the sessions occasionally move a little slower than they do here in the studio, so any time we incur a little downtime for technical issues we'll extend the sessions a bit in order to make up the difference.

We like to think this program is unique in the Voice Over industry. There was a time where nowhere else could you get a live person, one on one, with years of experience coaching voice talent online. Now the internet is filling up with people who want to do it. With that in mind, in order to make certain our online voice over training remains better than anyone else when it comes to quality and value, we have put a great deal of effort into:

We feel quite confident we offer one of the finest online voice coaching and instruction programs available. Our goal has always been to have voice over talent get the highest quality service for the best value when they decide to invest in training. We want you to succeed and we want your investment to really mean something. That is why we spend as much time as we do writing about the business and developing innovative training solutions for this competitive business.

We encourage you to do some comparison shopping before you ever invest in an online training program with anyone, including us. We're certain that in a head to head comparison you will find that nobody gives as much time and as much training with as much care and enthusiasm for the craft as we do when it comes to coaching voice over talent online.

The reason we're so certain, is that every day we witness other people make halfhearted attempts at providing online talent coaching and they constantly churn out something that vaguely resembles what we offer in an attempt to extract a quick buck from someone. We do this full time, every day of the week and don't have to take time out of our precious schedule to do it, because it is our precious schedule.

Every single thing we do from the first words of our web site to the soles of our shoes is designed for the betterment and training of voice over talent. We do it with this type of conviction and integrity because we actually have some. Are we opinionated? Yes. Are we vocal? Yes. But only because we care so deeply about the success of the people who walk through our doors. We're not for everyone, and we know that. One thing you can count on is that when we coach you as a voice over talent, we'll be here for you.





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